Escort 0100018-4 ESCORT X80 Radar Detector With Bluetooth and Live Crowd-

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Escort 0100018-4 ESCORT X80 Radar Detector With Bluetooth and Live Crowd

The ESCORT X80 provides early warning and the fastest response on all radar bands including conventional and instant-on X-band, K-band, super wide Ki-band and pop mode. High performance laser sensors provide maximum Laser warning and off-axis protection. Escort is a technology and performance leader, with more than 35 years of designing and engineering radar and laser detectors.

REAL-TIME TICKET-PROTECTION - Bluetooth & ESCORT LIVE! With iPhone or Android receive warnings of police threats around you reported by other Escort Detector users. Based on speed and settings, the alerts you receive will be tailored to fit your drive.

CLEAR VOICE ALERTS - Unique voice alerts allow for hands-free operation and provide crystal clear communication of alerts. Based on your speed, alerts will be tailored to fit your location and movement. Cruise Alert: 20 - 160 mph

SPEEDALERT - The X80 provides all of the information you need to make the best possible decision when you need it most. Vehicle Speed, Laser Band, and Signal Strength displayed to make sure you are fully informed during an alert.

UP-TO-DATE - As threats increase, stay ahead of them with ESCORT live and the detector tools. 1, 000s of Pre-Loaded locations, and add your own Hot spots To create escorts Defender database so you'll always have protection wherever the road takes you.


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