Founded in May of 2017, BuyLow Warehouse started the way many great companies do... as an at-home business. Quickly growing and expanding, in less than two years, we are proudly a family-owned multi-million dollar organization. Our proven process has not only allowed founder Matt Leavell to quit an unfulfilling job and work at this full-time, we empower others to buy quality merchandise in bulk at terrific prices in order to convert their own dreams of eBay businesses into profitable realities!

BuyLow Warehouse, in addition to selling products direct to consumers, concentrates on three primary business customers: eBay sellers, salvage buyers, and bargain store owners.

Salvage Buyers purchase liquidated items from trucks that have been identified as damaged or broken and cannot be resold as usable. These products may be either used for parts or repaired / refurbished and then resold. If you are a salvage buyer, please contact us at support@buylowwarehouse.com . We would love to call and discuss your unique needs and have the opportunity to earn your business.

Bargain Store Owners can contract to purchase primarily lower-cost bulk items from our inventory. Many of these products have too slim of a margin to successfully make money online but are excellent for in-store sales. We can even offer categorized product pallets. These are perfect for shops with diving, single-price settings, or pallet picking. We love to contract with bargain store owners, so shoot us an email at support@buylowwarehouse.com and we will call to work out the best deal to suit your business model.


How is BuyLow Warehouse Different for eBay Sellers? Glad you asked! We have a multi-step process that distinguishes us and provides you with details, choices, and tremendous time-savings.

1. Commit to a truck with a small deposit.

2. MSRP Choice Let us know your targeted MSRP price point.

3. Projected Manifest is generated with our proprietary software and submitted to you for approval.

4. We Sort the truck to remove broken or heavily-used items that wouldn’t make good eBay resales.

5. Pay And Ship. This one’s easy...you pay for the remaining agreed-upon items from the pre-approved manifest and we ship it out to you within 3 business days.

Partnering with us offers several unique benefits for you.

• We can offer you a dependable, predictable, and consistent supply.

• We provide pricing research, identify eBay categories, and highly detailed manifests.

• We take the risk by mitigating improperly priced and non-profitable items.

• No liquids or food items means you know what you don’t have to deal with.

• 30 DAY MONEY BACK RETURN POLICY If an item is broken, notify us and send it back for a full refund.

YOU matter. Your business matters. We want you to SUCCEED. We stand behind our process and products. We will make it right and care about you, our customer. For a stellar partner in your resale business, reach out to us. We can’t wait to help you achieve your goals.