Femometer Vinca Smart Basal Thermometer, Fertility Monitor Ovulation and Period- LIGHTLY USED

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Femometer Vinca Smart Basal Thermometer, Fertility Monitor Ovulation and Period

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About Basal body temperature BBT is the lowest body temperature attained during rest. It is usually estimated by a temperature measurement immediately after awakening and before any physical activity has been undertaken. Ovulation causes an increase of 0.5 to 1 degree Fahrenheit in BBT. So monitoring BBT helps to estimate the day of ovulation.About BBT ThermometerAn accurate thermometer is required to measure tiny BBT changes. With the accuracy of 0.09 degree Fahrenheit, Femometer basal thermometer is a professional female fertility thermometer.Femometer Features1. Femometer measures oral temperature, which is more accurate than armpit temperature and more convenient than rectal temperature.2. Data is uploaded to the complimentary app via Bluetooth. The intelligent app auto generates BBT curve which eliminates manually entering results.3. Femometer has no screen. Three beeps mean BBT is taken, then you can absolutely fall back to sleep. During the whole process, you dont even need to open eyes.4. The device can store up to 300 BBT data, which allows you to sync with the app later. All data is securely stored in the Cloud. 5. In the calendar of the app, it auto marks fertile window, period and ovulation date. You are able to record daily notes to improve the accuracy of prediction.6. The app allows you to set up alarm clock. You can easily measure BBT at the same time every day, which helps to get more accurate prediction.7. Knowing fertility requires taking BBT on a daily basis. The app will provide a more comprehensive understanding after 3-month usage.Attention1. It may take up to three minutes to measure BBT at first. The more you use it, the less measuring time it will take. The average measurement time is 90 secs.2. The battery usually lasts for 6 months. Battery model is CR1632 button cell for future replacement.

SMART & Automatically ChartData can be automatically synchronized to APP through Bluetooth to generate BBT chart and to intelligently analyze ovulation day and different phases. All temperature data are securely and permanently stored in the cloudiF Design Award: Internationally recognized iF design Award 2016. The stylish design with color options like a tube of lipstick specially designed for female. User friendly design offers gentle alarm wakeup and indication of the completion of test and up to 365 measurement memory recallClinically High Measurement Accuracy: Clinically Accurate with high precision at 0.09/0.05you can switch the temperature unit between and .The fertility awareness method the femometer uses can result in 99.6% effectivenessConvenient to Use: Ergonomic design with no button and screen, automatically on and off by removing and covering the cap. Come with gentle sound wont trouble asleep husband.



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