Gooby - Padded Vest, Dog Jacket Coat Sweater with Zipper Closure and Leash Ring,- USED

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Gooby - Padded Vest, Dog Jacket Coat Sweater with Zipper Closure and Leash Ring,

Product Condition Details: USED

The one where you love something for many different reasons, but theres just this one thing you particularly love that just stands out for you. Its the same for dogs they have feelings too. Some dog owners say its the zipper because of the zipper guard that prevents the dog fur/skin getting accidentally zipped. For some its the material its water resistant, snow resistant, warm, comfy and lightweight. Others like it because its easy and fast to put on. think its because of the way the dog vest has been cut it doesnt restrict movement and they can even pee with it on€¦ without making a mess. Or perhaps its just something else you can tell us about when dog wears one. All know for sure is that dogs seem to love it and they all have their reasons.

It keeps dog warm, it keeps dog dry, its comfy, it protects them from snow, its lightweight, it doesnt get soggy from snow or rain and its cute. Or at least, thats how they look when you check out the photos of those cute dogs in the customer reviews. Apart from being well insulated and cute, you can also attach a leash onto it without the need for a harness. Unlike most pet coats and sweaters, this one is actually cut so dog doesnt dirty the dog vest when mother nature comes calling - so you wont have any potty issues. But lets say dog does manage to get themselves into some deep... mess youll be relieved to know you can safely machine wash and tumble dry the Gooby dog vest with ease. The protective guard on the dog jacket prevents dog fur and skin from getting accidentally zipped - very painful experience dog will not experience when you get a Gooby dog vest. The zipper is located in the back which makes it easier for you to put on and zip


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