Keyboard Case Compatible with iPad 2018 (6th Gen)/2017 (5th Gen)/Pro 9.7/Air 2 &- Used, broken at charging port

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Keyboard Case Compatible with iPad 2018 (6th Gen)/2017 (5th Gen)/Pro 9.7/Air 2 &

Product Condition Details: Used, broken at charging port

Here’s The iPad 9.7’’ Case Keyboard That Will Change Your Life! Don’t like typing on your iPad’s screen and yet you also don’t want to add bulk or weight to your slim and sleek device? Well, we have designed a practical, stylish and premium solution that will cater to the needs of every 9.7’’ iPad owner! Presenting The Ultimate 9.7-Inch iPad Keyboard Case By now, you should know that not all iPad Keyboard Cases were created equal. FULLY ADJUSTABLE – Use the double-rotating hinge to flip and fold the cover to 360 degrees. INSANELY DURABLE – Made with premium Aluminum material which includes the keyboard AND the case. ASSEMBLES IN A SECOND – Just use the press buckle to assemble and disassemble the iPad in a moment’s time. MATCHLESS PRACTICALITY – Includes 7 colors backlit keys and 2 sides breathing light that enables you to work even in dim light conditions. EXTRA-LONG WORKING TIME – 5 hours with the backlit on and 120 hours when the backlit is off. Fully Compatible With: 2018 iPad 6th generation (A1893/A1954) 2017 iPad 5th generation (A1822, A1823) iPad Pro 9.7 (A1673, 1674, A1675) iPad Air 2 (A1566, A1567) iPad Air (A1474, A1475, A1476)

COMPATIBILITY FOR MANY IPAD USERS: The 9.7 inch size case with keyboard allows for a snug fit for iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad 9.7 models. This includes latest 2018 iPad 6th Generation (A1893/A1954) 2017 iPad 5th generation (A1822/A1823) iPad Pro 9.7 (A1675/A1674/A1673) iPad Air 2 (A1566/A1567) & Air (A1474-A1475). Any iPad owner with a model in this era should be able to use the case with ease.

360-DEGREE ADJUSTABILITY: This iPad case keyboard is a multi-functional item for different needs. The Laptop mode is great for users that have important emails and proposals to write. At the end of the working day, simply flip or fold the case into Tent, Bracket or Tablet mode for entertainment options. The heavy-duty double-rotating hinge on this new iPad case offers plenty of mobility and security.

DURABLE FOR INCREASED LONGEVITY: This keyboard case is ideal for iPad Air 1&2 devices, and other recent models, because of the security offered. Consistent quality control means that each cover is built to last and maintain functionality. The premium aluminum within the case protects the device and adds strength - without leaving users with a large, heavy product. The reliability is also seen in the integrated press buckle, which ensures a simple, secure connection

A LONG LIFESPAN FOR BIG PROJECTS: There is no need to worry about the keyboard cutting out mid-sentence because this iPad 5th/6th Gen keyboard case lasts up to 120 hours per charge. When working late, simply switch to one of the 7 back-light colors to illuminate the keyboard and enjoy 5 hours of battery life.


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