Kidtastic Dinosaur Toys - STEM Learning Original (106 ), 3 pack Take Apart- USED

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Kidtastic Dinosaur Toys - STEM Learning Original (106 ), 3 pack Take Apart

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Kidwerkz is now Kidtastic! name, same great toys!Kidtastic early learning toy makes the perfect gift for every occasion! special little fix it girl or boy will love to play with these Dino construction toys. 5 STARS - This was one of the best boys toys Ive ever bought. Fantastic quality and craftsmanship. It has taken a beating and its still as good as the first day got it. The 3 different dinosaurs are adorable. Would buy again as gifts! -Badmom Hands on STEM building toys are perfect for early childhood development. This is a great time to introduce basic physics, builder, and engineering concepts through fun play. 5 STARS - This toy is awesome!! My 4 year old nephew loves STEM toys and this is great for him!! - Michelle Improve Fine motor skills: Fill children with confidence as they solve the puzzle and build their very own dinosaurs. Perfect for ADHD and Fidgeting: This take apart toy will keep those busy hands and creative minds engaged for hs at a time. Hs of Fun and creativity: Kids will have an absolute blast with their dinosaurs. Watch as they move and roll the dinos around the house making up stories and dialogue as they play.

Get kids off the iPad and into real life creativity and imagination. Take apart toy dinosaurs will keep kids busy for hs. Watch as they build, use tools and create stories with these educational toys. The Dinosaur106 and comes fully assembled so kids can open the box and start playing immediately. They will soon get to work deconstructing the dinosaurs and putting them back together again.This beginner engineering for kidsa Tyrannosaurus Rex, Alamosaurus, and a Triceratops. Little minds will work together to solve the puzzle and fit the different in place. This set of 3 interactive learning toys encages social interaction which is an essential skill for life. Sibling bonding time here come, no more fighting over whose turn it is, kids can play together with these toy dinosaurs. Early childhood and brain development are crucial for childs future success. This construction toy will improve hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, logic and problem-solving skills. It also encages patience and a taste of engineering at a very early age. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills are now fun and enjoyable for even the youngest of children.


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