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PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses

Product Condition Details: New, in opened box

★PEGASI , One Touch To Sleep The technology behind PEGASI Light Therapy System is based upon research conducted at Brown University and Johns Hopkins. PEGASI Light Therapy Glasses have been clinically proven to be 90-97% effective in relieving the symptoms of Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders (CRSD), Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other common sleep issues. ★Instructions: 1. To activate the battery before first time use, please fully charge the PEGASI Glasses with USB cable. 2. Put on the PEGASI Glasses and double tap the POWER button on the right side to turn on the Glasses. Double tap again to turn it off. ★Setting Method: Connect the APP of PEGASI Glasses APP via Bluetooth 4.0, you can adjust the settings according to your preference. ★Note: The default treatment time of PEGASI Glasses is 25 minutes, after that it will turn off automatically. ★Announcements: ● Using the PEGASI Glasses will not affect your reading, working or other routines. ● You can put PEGASI Glasses on your own glasses if you dont want to take off them, but you need to ensure that your glasses do not obstruct the light from PEGASI Glasses. ● Please do not use the PEGASI Glasses while you are wearing colored glasses. ★Safety Instruction ● PEGASI Glass is not suitable for people under 13 years old. ● IF you have any eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, retinene or had eye surgery before, please consult your eye doctor before using PEGASI Glasses. ● For your safety, please do not use PEGASI Glasses while charging the glasses or driving. ★Specification Case: PC+ABS Power: Built-in rechargeable li-polymer battery Light source: solid-state light-emitting component with customized waveband

EASY TO USE: Wearing PEGASI Glasses 25min/day at 7-9 am helps you regulate and improve sleep quality in a healthy way, you will NOT need to rely on sleep-aid medicine!

ULTRA-LIGHT MATERIAL: The Worlds Lightest Light Therapy Glasses. Weighs only 1.3 oz. Unique fashion and material design. You can wear it in various occasions even when you are wearing your own glasses.

PATENTED INVENTION: Uniform light-emitting module at quantum level. After conducting a lot of experiments, PEGASI discovered a specific wavelength (between 475-480nm) 100% UV-free blue light that can improve human sleep quality effectively. PEGASI Glasses have filtered the harmful blue light and only left the beneficial wavelengths.

PEGASI has been working with Johns Hopkins University, University of Science and Technology of China and Chinas Aeronautics Biological Group for 14 years. PEGASI (Qianhai) has registered with the FDA and is also the member of the US National Sleep Foundation. The PEGASI glasses have been Certified by FCC in US, by RoHS & CE in EU and obtained 7 patents.



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