Sonic Electric Toothbrush - Oclean One Rechargeable Toothbrushes with 60-Day Use-

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Sonic Electric Toothbrush - Oclean One Rechargeable Toothbrushes with 60-Day Use

The electric toothbrush gradually replaces the manual toothbrush and greatly improves the oral care results, owning to its better cleaning and smarter functions. However, there are still some headaches while using the generic electric toothbrushes.

The follows are some user feedbacks:
The one speed is way too powerful. It moves as if my teeth are broken. 33 hours to recharge, then lasts just 5 days! It worked for a couple of months and then died Not for my sensitive teeth

Now, all the above concerns have been addressed by the Oclean one electric toothbrush.

The Oclean one is an innovation in the electric toothbrush fields and owns 30 patented designs. It aims to customize the optimum oral care plans for individuals and bring more shining smiles. Now, Oclean enjoys great popularity. And it is highly recommended by the dentists and called The Know-You-Well Electric Toothbrush by the users

Why choose Oclean one?

The Oclean one takes into consideration that everyones oral care needs are unique, and recommends brushing plans to meet your special needs, such as after toothwash care, clean for after dessert and drinks, gum care and massage, special care for after the braces, special care plan for pregnancy, clean and whitening in a different intensity

The Oclean one firstly combines smart app and audio speaker with electric toothbrush to lead you brush your teeth the way your dentist intend and improve your oral heath indeed.

The Oclean one incorporates two World-leading filament brands, DuPont and Pedex, to enhance the durability of brush heads and to provide long-lasting maximum cleaning performance.

The Oclean one extends its battery life to 60 days for 3.5 hours charging and matches with magnetic charging base, eliminates your all your charging headaches, at home use or for a travelling.

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A SMART AND TALKING ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH - This is the smartest electric toothbrush for now! The bluetooth connected APP delivers communication between brush and smartphone, and provides real-time feedback on brushing habits. Meanwhile, the voice reminder tells what the next mode is and helps you achieve amazing oral care results

CUSTOMIZED ORAL CARE PLANS ON YOUR NEEDS - Everyone has a unique set of teeth. Therefore, everyone has personal oral health needs. Besides the 12 oral care plans in the smart app for you to choose, the Oclean one electric toothbrush has 3 modes of clean mode, white mode and massage mode, 4 intensity and 6 time sittings, creating 72 teeth nursing solutions for you to tailor brushing plans on the basis of your daily teeth conditions.

60 DAYS SUPER LONG USE FOR EACH 3.5 HOURS CHARGE - When 70% of electric toothbrush users complains about the short battery life and almost all the electric toothbrushes in the market only works less than 20 days for one charge, the Oclean one firstly adopts the high capacity LG battery cells and eliminates your charging headache with its 60 day battery life and ultra-fast charging, no charging worries for travelling anymore.

THE MOST POWERFUL ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH - The Olean electric toothbrush combines the top level Pedex and Dupont diamond filament with ultra-fast Kotl sonic motor with frequency of 42,000 vibration/min ,and the advanced pressure sensor technology, which makes it remove up to 10x more plaque than a manual toothbrush and well balance the comfort and the teeth nursing effect.

WTAERPROOF AND MOULD PROOF - The Oclean one electric toothbrush uses best-in-class painting materials. And with five layers of painting and nano-spray coatings, its handle is fully IPX7 water-resistant so you can wash its whole body for easy cleaning. It is recommend to hang it on the Oclean mount after use to protect it from sink bacteria and getting mildew.


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