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BuyLow Warehouse is a wholesale provider of Tier 1 liquidated merchandise which allows wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and small secondary-market entrepreneurs to purchase liquidation merchandise in bulk at below-wholesale pricing.

  • New: Item is new, never used or opened. It is still sealed in the manufacturer’s packaging with no cosmetic defects.

  • Case-packed/Master-packed: This product has never been opened nor taken out of the cases it was received in. The product has never been placed on a retail store’s shelves for sale. This product type will contain multiple quantities of each item, and sometimes a very large quantity of each product will be received.

  • Overstock: New Product that the retailer no longer wishes to store or sell through their normal sales channels and chooses to liquidate to make room for different products. This could be due to space limitations, product end-of-life, seasonality, contractual reasons, packaging changes, or simply not selling fast enough.

  • Shelf-pulled: Overstocked merchandise that has been for sale in the retailer’s sales channel. It has been removed from the master-packs and could show signs of shelf-wear and pricing stickers.

  • Opened Box: The item is in excellent, new condition with no wear. The item may be missing the original packaging or protective wrapping, or may be in the original packaging but not sealed. The item includes its original accessories. The item may be a factory second.

  • .com Undeliverable or Not Picked Up: The items are in new, unopened condition with only shipping wear being shown on them. Either there was a faulty address given, the receiver never connected with the shipping company, or the item was shipped to the retailer’s store for pickup and the buyer never picked it up.

  • Warehouse Damage: Items damaged either from being in the warehouse or from shipping. Often, it may be that the retail packaging has been damaged and the item is not sellable in its current packaging condition. There is a chance that an item could be damaged, but generally, most of the items will be in new condition.

  • Customer Returns: Items that have been sold to an end-user and returned. The items could have been returned through a retail storefront, manufacturer, website, and/or distribution center. The packaging may be in various states, including: opened, distressed, and/or missing. There may be units that lack essential components, accessories, and documentation. This inventory condition is always sold AS IS and warranties are not valid. No cosmetic or operational condition is guaranteed. Normally, this condition should always be considered untested and, generally, will have a 75% plug-and-play success rate. Returns from “.com” are generally considered a cleaner type compared to store returns.

  • Salvage: Items that have been tested and failed a technical functionality or physical condition test. The packaging may be in various states, including: opened, distressed, and/or missing. There may be units that lack essential components, accessories, and documentation. This inventory condition is always sold AS IS and no cosmetic or operational condition is guaranteed.

We are located in Tennessee and ship product anywhere within the continental 48 states. Because we ship most of our inventory direct from the retailer’s distribution centers (DCs) and fulfillment centers (FCs), we can generally source merchandise from a location near you to achieve lower freight expenses.

Anyone! Whether you are an e-commerce entrepreneur or have several retail storefronts, we strive to offer quality inventory at a very competitive price.

We receive new inventory on a daily basis. We have some consistent inventory that we offer at all times. We have other inventory that is unique, and we have to market the specific offering individually. Make sure to check out our available inventory and sign up for our email list to stay informed on when new product offerings are available!

Yes. We will work to help you sell these truckloads to your customers as long as you are doing it in an honest and ethical way. For more information on how we can partner to do this, simply ask.

See our Terms and Conditions HERE

See our Privacy Policy HERE


Since most of the inventory we sell ships directly from the retailer’s distribution centers (DC) and fulfillment centers (FC), we are generally required to handle the freight to ensure a smooth pick up occurs. We value our supplier relationships and do not want to cause any issues during the product pick up. Unless it is specifically requested and approved, all freight will be handled by BuyLow Warehouse.

We can allow this on certain loads and are happy to accommodate you if it is possible. We are required on most of our inventory to handle the logistics of moving the inventory from the retailer’s location.

Freight varies daily based upon various factors. Distance and truck availability are the main factors that determine freight cost. Freight can vary from $125 for a single pallet to $6,500 for transporting a full truckload across the country. Generally, if freight gets too expensive, it is no longer a valuable proposition to purchase that specific inventory offering. The buyer is always responsible for all freight charges unless specifically stated otherwise.

Customers are neither required to have a business address nor a loading dock to receive shipments. However, there are instances where having a loading dock is a requirement. Regardless of the unloading circumstances, the customer is responsible for providing all staff and equipment for unloading the truck within the allotted amount of time (generally 2 hours). The truck driver is not responsible for helping unload the truck in any way and will not provide any equipment to use for unloading. If the driver is used to help unload the truck, an additional charge will apply.

Customers delivering inventory to a residential location may have additional charges added to the bill for delivery. Also, customers delivering to a location without the proper equipment needed to unload the truck should consider renting a forklift and purchasing a pallet jack for the delivery.

Unless it is specifically stated that BuyLow Warehouse will pay the freight charges, all freight charges and additional fees are always the responsibility of the buyer.

Shipping times can vary and are never guaranteed. We specialize in delivering inventory directly from the retailer’s location. The retailer always controls the processing and release of loads. Once the retailer releases a load, we can usually arrange for pick up within 24-72 hours, with most freight delivered the next day. Prior to placing your order, please be sure to ask your customer representative for an estimated delivery timeline. You will be kept up-to-date on any changes in the delivery time until you receive the truckload.

We keep our customers informed throughout the ordering and delivery process. As developments occur, we will inform you of any changes in the inventory’s scheduled release, pick up, or delivery. Understand that a delivery timeline can change when a truck experiences unforeseen delays (Ex. weather, traffic, breakdowns, etc.).

No, at this time we do not handle any exportation of inventory outside of the 48 contiguous United States. However, we do have 2 options:

  • We have some customers that handle the freight and logistics of exporting our product. In those scenarios, we load the container properly and our customer handles the rest.

  • We have some partners that we can recommend who will receive the inventory, build the container, and help with exporting.

No. The buyer is responsible for insuring the inventory. The buyer’s responsibility starts as soon as the truck is loaded. If any damage occurs during the shipping of the inventory, it is the buyer’s responsibility.

The buyer’s responsibility starts when the truck is loaded. If any damage occurs during shipment, it is the buyer’s responsibility.

All freight estimates are valid for 48 hours from the time they are provided. After twenty-four hours, freight costs are requoted prior to invoicing.


We offer a variety of product categories and conditions. Let us know what you are looking for so that we can do our best to source inventory that works best for your needs.

Yes. We sell in all 3 quantity types. During certain situations, we may be limited on some of what we can offer. If you do not see something you would like, feel free to contact us!

Yes, popular tier-1 brands are found in our different inventory offerings regularly. They can appear, but are not guaranteed to appear, in all of our categories and conditions.

Depending upon what you are looking to purchase, we sometimes can provide pictures of the actual product being purchased. Because we ship most of our inventory directly from the retailer’s DC, many times we can only provide sample pictures of the product. In most scenarios, the retailer’s DC will not provide actual pictures of the load being purchased due to logistical and operational reasons.

On every inventory offering a “FOB” will be disclosed. If an FOB is not found, simply ask your customer success rep for clarity on where the product will be coming from.

No, sorry. All of our inventory offerings are either pre-built and manifested or unmanifested, and nothing is guaranteed.

Not all, but some are manifested. Many of our regularly offered loads are unmanifested.

We sell products from New to Salvage condition and everything in between. These include new, case-packed, shelf-pulled, opened box, overstocked, end-of-life, customer returns, and salvage. Please see our condition descriptions above to understand what each condition means.

Please find a list of the truckloads that we can regularly offer below. Click here

For any trucks that are more one-off loads or manifested loads, we have to promote those through our email lists. If you have not signed up already, please find the links to the sign up sheets below.

Truckload Buyers List: http://eepurl.com/gY8LQ5

Pallet Buyers List: http://eepurl.com/g3mJ8f

We send emails as soon as new inventory is made available in order to give our customers the best opportunity to secure the inventory that is right for them. This may result in as few emails as none for several days in a row, or up to five or more in one day. We want to offer you as much of an opportunity to get good loads as we can.

The number of items varies based on the load. If the load is manifested, the number of items on the manifest will be a good guide. If the load is unmanifested, ask your customer success rep if he can tell you an estimated average piece count for that load type. Please remember that this is only an estimate and can vary wildly.

We know this can be confusing. This is sometimes done to help the buyer understand the number of repeat items that will be in the load. The number of “Products” is a count of the number of different products that the load includes. The number of “units” is a count of the total units in the load. For example, if I had 5 iPhone 11s in a lot, that would be 1 Product, but 5 Units.

Customer Service

If there is an issue with your order, please contact us immediately and we will work to resolve any dispute fairly. All inventory is sold “AS IS”. Although we can not offer returns or guarantee refunds, we aim to ensure our customers are taken care of and do not feel like they have been treated unfairly.

All sales are final. All inventory is sold “AS IS”. Due to retailer DCs’ return policies, we are not able to offer returns, refunds, or order cancellations once an order is placed.

If there is an issue with your delivery, please contact us immediately and do not refuse the order. If an order is refused, additional fees for refusal may be added to your account. No refunds will be issued for orders refused at delivery or for failure to schedule delivery with the freight carrier. If you ordered a pallet or truckload, please note any issues on the Bill of Lading (BOL) and have both you and the truck driver sign it. Also, take pictures of any issues. Please send a picture of the notated & signed BOL and the pictures with a complete description of the issue.

All inventory is sold “as is” or “untested” unless specifically stated otherwise. NO warranty is offered or implied. Each listing will indicate the condition of the product being offered. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to check the description area of each listing before purchase to understand and accept the warranty terms and conditions for each auction.

BuyLow Warehouse will never sell your information to any third parties. Any information collected from you is used only in the normal operation of our business, such as verifying orders or contacting you about order status. Please visit and review our Privacy Policy for more details.

Yes, we use industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology to encrypt and keep your personal and financial data safe. Your information is safe while browsing and checking-out merchandise.

Purchasing & Sales

EASY! Communicate with one of our customer representatives to help you select the right inventory and provide a freight quote. Then, fill out our new customer packet, send a copy of your state-issued sales tax exemption certificate (reseller certificate), and pay the invoice. It is that simple!

Yes. To set up an account, fill out our new customer packet and provide a copy of your state-issued sales tax exemption certificate (reseller certificate).

Most invoices are paid with a bank wire or ACH. All of our wiring information can be found on the invoice.

We also accept payments through Venmo.

We accept payments from Behalf. There is a 2% handling fee that will be added to your invoice when using Behalf as your payment option.

We accept all major credit cards through the invoice. There is a 3% handling fee that will be added to your invoice when using the credit card payment option. We only allow credit card payments from customers that we have a purchasing history with. Contact one of our customer representatives to activate the credit card payment option on your invoice.

We do NOT accept Paypal or CashApp. Currently, we are unable to accept Zelle.

Yes! We can ship to multiple locations and/or to your customers’ locations. Be sure to clarify the delivery address, receiving hours, and point of contact for each individual receiving location and for each order.

Yes. We require a sales tax exemption certificate (reseller certificate) to purchase from us. All sales made must qualify as sales tax exempt. We are not set up in all of the various states to collect and remit sales tax for a non-exempt purchase.

You are responsible for any applicable sales taxes owed. BuyLow Warehouse collects your sales tax exemption certificate (reseller certificate) and only sells product offerings that qualify as sales tax exempt. Even if we do not collect sales tax from you, you may still be responsible to your state for sales tax on your purchases. Also, buying from BuyLow Warehouse does not relieve you of the burden to collect and remit sales tax to your state if you are involved in reselling the product. For more information about your obligations, please visit your state’s taxing authority’s website. To ensure that your purchases qualify as sales tax exempt, please email your resale certificate to support@buylowwarehouse.com before placing your order.

Our goal is to offer our best price the first time. We do not negotiate pricing with individual customers. Sometimes we are able to offer volume pricing on some of our inventory. Ask our customer representative if it is possible on the inventory you are purchasing. We are confident, however, that our customers are receiving great deals when buying from us and that negotiation is not needed!

If there is an issue with your delivery, please contact us immediately and DO NOT refuse the order. If an order is refused, refusal fees may be added to your account. No refunds will be issued for orders refused at delivery. Also, no refunds will be issued for failure to schedule a delivery with the freight carrier. If you have an issue with your purchase upon delivery, please note any issue(s) on the Bill of Lading (BOL) and ensure both you and the truck driver sign next to the notation. Also, take pictures of the issue(s). Please send a picture of the notated & signed BOL plus the pictures and a complete description of the issue(s) to support@buylowwarehouse.com issue.

There is no minimum purchase requirement. However, BuyLow Warehouse only sells in bulk quantities and does not make offerings of single item purchases.

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