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How to Sell: A Beginners Guide to Selling Liquidation Merchandise

Avoid simple mistakes in the liqudation business.


Tools, Tips, and the Occasional Trick on Things We’ve Learned Along the Way

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What is a Reseller License?

Whether you are starting an online or brick and mortar retail store (this includes selling on websites like Facebook and eBay), you will need to have a reseller license. This license allows your business to buy wholesale products tax free for the purpose of reselling them to your customers.

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Risks of Purchasing Without a License

Before we talk about the risks of purchasing without a Reseller License, some of you may wonder, “What is a Reseller License?” If this is you, make sure you read our article, “What is a Reseller License,” first. You will understand the rest of this article much better.

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How To Legally Start Your Business

There are many things that need to be accomplished in order to start a business correctly. It can be very confusing if you have never done it before and some items can easily be forgotten. Often, these items resurface in the future and cause trouble for you.

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Manifested or Unmanifested?

This is a regular discussion topic in the various forums. Should I only buy manifested loads or is unmanifested worth it? Honestly, to each their own. But, I have a few thoughts which I wanted to put out here. First, everything said below is 100% dependent upon whether or not you are working with a reputable seller. If you are working with an underhanded seller then no guidance can be consistently reliable.

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What’s The Best Truck to Buy?

I’m asked this question several times per week. It’s a normal “getting into the liquidation business” question. You might have asked it before, but, if not, you have more than likely thought about it.  It comes in many forms

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Avoid Overextending Your Business

Often, new entrants into the liquidation industry are enchanted with getting rich by buying merchandise for pennies on the dollar. Regardless of the type of the chosen sales channel(s) used for their business, the new entrants all have the same goal. That common goal is to progressively move toward buying in larger volumes as quickly as possible.

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Avoid Risky Payment Methods

Use a secure payment method to avoid losing your money or product to scammers.

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How to Receive a Truckload

You are new to the warehousing and freight business and excited to establish your new location and receive your first truck.

Questions or Suggestions?

Whether you are practiced in the industry or just getting started, healthy conversations empower new opportunities


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