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How to Sell: A Beginners Guide to Selling Liquidation Merchandise

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What is a Reseller Permit?

Whether you are starting an online or brick and mortar retail store (this includes selling on websites like Facebook and eBay), you will need to have a reseller license. This license allows your business to buy wholesale products tax free for the purpose of reselling them to your customers

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Risks of Purchasing Without a License

Before we talk about the risks of purchasing without a Reseller License, some of you may wonder, “What is a Reseller License?” If this is you, make sure you read our article, “What is a Reseller License,” first. You will

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How To Legally Start Your Business

There are many things that need to be accomplished in order to start a business correctly. It can be very confusing if you have never done it before and some items can easily be forgotten. Often, these items resurface in the future and cause trouble for you.

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Manifested or Unmanifested?

This is a regular discussion topic in the various forums. Should I only buy manifested loads or is unmanifested worth it? Honestly, to each their own. But, I have a few thoughts which I wanted to put out here. First, everything said below is 100% dependent upon whether or not you are working with a reputable seller. If you are working with an underhanded seller then no guidance can be consistently reliable.

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What’s The Best Truck to Buy?

I’m asked this question several times per week. It’s a normal “getting into the liquidation business” question. You might have asked it before, but, if not, you have more than likely thought about it. It comes in many forms

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Avoid Overextending Your Business

Often, new entrants into the liquidation industry are enchanted with getting rich by buying merchandise for pennies on the dollar. Regardless of the type of the chosen sales channel(s) used for their business, the new entrants all have the same goal. That common goal is to progressively move toward buying in larger volumes as quickly as possible.

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Avoid Risky Payment Methods

It seems that many people getting into this business do not understand the difference between the characteristics of various payment methods. This article is intended to help make this more widely known.

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How to Receive a Truckload

You are new to the warehousing and freight business and excited to establish your new location and receive your first truck.

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How to Avoid Being Scammed

The liquidation marketplace is rife with danger, this article does our present best to ensure that you don't get scammed.

woman buying truckload of returns
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How to Buy a Truckload of Returns the Smart Way

Going from liquidation pallets to truckloads can be tricky. Our team has all the answers for you to get started the smart way!

person looking for liquidation reviews online
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Liquidation Reviews: What To Look For & What To Avoid

The liquidation business is big, and scammers are profiting. Use the BuyLow Warehouse guide to learn how to vet sellers with liquidation reviews and more.

woman selling liquidation merchandise
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8 Tips for Selling Liquidation Merchandise

Try these eight tips to help you plan how to sell your liquidation merchandise in a competitive market so your business will see success sooner.

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Finding the Right Liquidation & Wholesale Merchandise

Learn how to connect with people in the industry and ask the right questions to vet pallet sellers so you can successfully sell your liquidated merchandise.

man with liquidation merchandise
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How to Start a Liquidation Business in 2023

Looking to start your liquidation business but don’t know how? In this guide you'll find everything you need to get started!

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How To Sell Liquidation Merchandise

Learn some tips on how to choose the best sales channels and platforms for your merchandise, audience, and business needs to see profits from liquidation sales.

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How To Start a Stable Liquidation Business

Learn six important tips on how to start and maintain a stable liquidation business so your profits stay high and your supply stays stocked.

man choosing a liquidation pallet.jpg
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How To Choose the Right Pallet

Choosing the right pallet can determine how much money you’ll make. Learn some strategies for picking the best pallets for your business.

two successful pallet liquidators in their office.jpg
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Liquidation 101: How to Build a Liquidation Business That Is Profitable

Is the liquidation business profitable and worth your time and money? BuyLow Warehouse has all of the inside tips for you to get started!

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The Best Way to Buy Liquidation Pallets from Stores

Find out where popular retailers send their returns and learn how to buy liquidation pallets from AMZ & Walmart, and more from the experts at BuyLow Warehouse!

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The Ultimate Guide to Truckload Liquidations

You’re ready to start buying liquidation truckloads. BuyLow Warehouse has the answer to all your questions on getting started.

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How to Calculate How Many Pallets fit in a Truckload

Don’t overlook the logistics! BuyLow helps you figure out how many pallets fit in a truckload and more to help you get your liquidation truckload business ready.

Person buying liquidation pallets from his mobile.jpg
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What Are the Best Liquidation Pallets I Should Buy?

Are you trying to decide what are the best liquidation pallets to buy? Discover all the details and tips to make the right choice for your business!

two people in a truckload liquidation warehouse
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Is Truckload Liquidation Legit or a Scam?

Unsure if getting into the truckload liquidation business is legit and worth your effort? BuyLow Warehouse has the answers for you!

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