It’s important to learn how to buy and sell liquidation pallets to be successful. After all, having merchandise does no good if you’re not able to resell it. Determining where to sell liquidation items is an important part of the liquidation selling process. Learn more about places to sell liquidation merchandise and some tips on how to choose the best sales channels for your supply.

Where To Sell Liquidation Items

There are as many ways to sell your merchandise as there are types of products and places that sell pallets of merchandise, so get creative!

The sales channels listed below can be used in several different ways to liquidate products. For example, on Facebook you can list per individual item, list merchandise bundles, or run nightly auctions.

After you have created a plan for how you want to list your merchandise for sale, you’ll need to decide which sales channel best fits your selling needs. Here are some sales platforms and avenues to consider listing your products on:

How To Choose Sales Channels

When considering where to sell liquidation items, think about the following factors.

Shipping Costs and Fees

Some channels have higher fees and shipping costs, while others don’t. For any platform you’re considering, ask yourself if you can make money selling liquidation items for a competitive price when the fees and shipping costs are factored in.

Return and Customer Satisfaction Policies

If you’re selling Amazon pallets of returned items or customer returns from another retailer, there is always a chance that a product may be defective or damaged, and a visual inspection may not uncover it.

As a result, it’s important to know how platforms handle customer returns and complaints. Are you obligated to accept returns? Are you assessed fees or responsible for covering shipping for returned items? These are important costs to factor into your profit margin.


Some platforms appeal to a certain demographic, while others have a broad user base. Think carefully about who is most likely to purchase your merchandise and seek out platforms that connect with those individuals.

Ease of Use

Not all platforms are built the same. If you buy pallets of small merchandise and have a lot of items to list, you may find channels that offer bulk-posting features or templates that are simpler and quicker to use. Also, some platforms have mobile apps that enable you to create listings from your mobile device.

Seller Protections and Services

Some platforms collect payment from the customer for you, and then they automatically charge and pay sales tax on your behalf. These platforms often have some level of protection to ensure you get paid, such as crediting your bank or payment account once the item arrives or the customer leaves a review.

On other platforms, you get the freedom to choose how you’re paid. However, you may have to collect and pay sales tax on your own.

Understanding Liquidation Sales Better

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